I haven’t been on Tumblr much lately, because I’ve been busy taking care of my wife, who had surgery on her foot a couple of weeks ago. Also, I’ve been sewing a huge number of dice bags, for early holiday orders. Please accept apologies for my absence in the form of a few new dice bags, like the Hammer and Sickle dice bag and the Hydra dice bag shown above.

Great dice bags. Look after yourselves

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my rq character had a girlfriend and he actually loved her and she was an adventurer too but she died :(

Emotional investment.
Don’t do it, kids!


Angron, The Red Angel

WarhammerGifts submitted this epic Angron mug, which is freaking awesome!

Check out their blog for more mugs of goodness.

- Darth Sebious

Blood for the Blood God!

(in a mug)

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published in 1979, the weird and wondrous Official AD&D Coloring Book. written by Gary Gygax and illustrated by Greg Irons, who had worked on the Yellow Submarine film, 70’s album covers, underground comics, and was also a tattoo artist. you can download the whole dang thing in PDF to color yourself here.

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