A page from Tunnels & Trolls 4th edition/ UK 1st edition. It’s a tiny pamphlet of rules, but as a complete and alternative system to D&D it packs a mighty unending punch.
These Marksmanship rules are pretty unique to this edition - as are the infamous deteriorating armour stats. It useful to compare these rules to the 5th editions (5 and 5.5) to realise how extensive and well organised the new rules were whilst still being in only one small book (compared to the new D&D B/E boxes and the AD&D tomes) Curiously (during the time of the “big four” RPGs) early T&T and early RuneQuest had many similarities, such as a single rulebook, limitless attribute stats, combined stat totals, an awareness of metal quality and durability in combat, and the possibility of playing monsters as characters. However, at the time, RQ and T&T seemed to sit at opposing ends of the ease of play spectrum.